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Healthcare Unwired from
Med ePad

Bringing together healthcare stakeholders and the latest technology to deliver sustainable mHealth solutions that extend the reach and quality of healthcare whilst reducing costs.

What the experts say about mHealth

"The EU believes mHealth could lead to 99bn of savings in Europe, helping cut healthcare costs by: enabling early diagnosis encouraging a move towards prevention rather than cure allowing health professionals to save up to 30% of their time on accessing and analysing data. mHealth also has the benefit of providing patients with greater control over their own health and well-being."

Exploring benefits of mobile applications for health - 10/04/2014
European Commision

"Because the technology already exists, creators can build an application for a phone or tablet without the need to develop a bespoke operating system or manufacture new hardware, allowing for faster and cheaper development, and allowing more innovation. It also means applications can be changed and personalised to suit a particular need."

The benefit of apps in healthcare
The Guardian

"Improved Data Accuracy-Mobile devices such as mobile workstations, notebook computers, and tablet computers allow more and more patient data to be captured electronically at the point of care. Entering data directly into an EHR or other health information systems helps eliminate the data entry errors that often occur when clinical notes are first recorded on paper and entered at a later time into the EHR by nurses or administrative personnel.
Improved Data Access-Mobile computers, tablets, and smartphones allow clinicians access critical patient information from any place at any time.
Improved Patient Care- Mobile technologies can definitely deliver on this promise. In addition to some of the patient care benefits already mentioned above (e.g. reduced medication administration errors, improved health data access), mobile computers and smartphones can provide physicians with an ever-present clinical decision support tool that ensures they are providing patients with the best treatment plans."

My Top 3 mHealth Benefits - 10/04/2014
Ken Congdon, editor in chief, Health IT Outcomes

Med eTraX

The patient monitoring solution from Med ePad.

"Electronic capture of observations and automated clinical alerts can improve clinical attendance to unstable general medical ward patients."

Patient safety first NHS UK
NHS England

Virtual Ward

The Virtual Ward solution from Med ePad provides effective clinical communication with community services and also to alert staff to changes in the patient's condition. It reduces the need for planned visits and can help reduce unplanned admissions to Hospital and A&E. It provides a history of patient vital sign measurements with simple touches of the screen and a documented and validated audit of care given against a patient care time line.

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